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This page is dedicated to the end customer of our products (the consumer) 

  • Argaam Al-Shabaka Company for Trade and Marketing is the exclusive agent for the following brands' products:


  • It works in the field of wholesale sales according to the business model: company to company (Business to Business), and it does not deal with the consumer or the end customer (Customer) directly, but this is done by reviewing our approved points of sale (which includes all stores, exhibitions, stores and markets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) that sells our products from the brands (EONE - HELMET - YOUFO - TENPLUS - XPRUX - MOMOSTICK) to the consumer with a purchase invoice.

  • Points of sale are approved after a careful review by our specialized team, a process that includes verifying its official documents, sales, commitment to payment, the reputation and strength of the trade name within the geographical area in which it is located, and after agreeing on a mechanism for handling customer requests for any problem related to the use of our products.

  • The warranty is benefited from by reviewing the point of sale from which it was purchased, and this is subject to the terms of the warranty and the replacement and return policy of the point of sale from which it was purchased.

  • In the event of repeated complaints towards any of the approved points of sale, we are committed to taking the appropriate measures and measures that may lead to the final cancellation of the approval, the withdrawal of our products and the permanent suspension of dealing with the point of sale. Directing the consumer to another point of sale or addressing his problem directly.

For suggestions and complaints

Feel free to email us for feedback, suggestions or complaints about our products or points of sale purchased from. We take great care of what you send us. You may be referred to the authorized point of sale nearest your city for further assistance.

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