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Mobile Accessories Wholesales

Argam Alshbka for trading and marketing company occupies the leader in the distribution of prestigious products as a marketing company for the products of leading brands and one of the largest distributors of mobile accessories wholesale in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Argam Alshbka company care  Since its establishment over the past years by creating shared value. Stemming from its desire to show its passion in this field, Arqaam Al-Shabaka Company continues to provide the best products while maintaining the satisfaction and happiness of its customers.

What We Do..

Online Warehouse Worker


We offer a wide range of the most popular and demanded products from international companies with a large inventory, competitive prices and integrated after-sales services.

Digital Gadgets


We work to continuously enhance the spread of our products through traditional and digital marketing and through successful partnerships with influencers and content makers.



Integrated sales teams to distribute our products to showrooms and retailers covering all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Argam Alshbka Trading and Marketing Company is an exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For the following brands:


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