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About Argam Al Shbka

Argam Al Shbka company care  Since its establishment over the past decades to create shared value. Stemming from its desire to show its passion in this field, Arqam Al Shbka Company continues to provide the best products while maintaining the satisfaction and happiness of its customers.


We are committed to gaining momentum in sales and distribution, with a strong marketing mission and vision for the organization and the entire team. As a marketing company, we have a number of unique advantages to dominate the market, such as the ability to build a relationship with customers, identify their needs, analyze current capabilities, and prepare to meet future needs of products. The core marketing processes are also being re-engineered and fully complied with, and innovative use of information technology and continuous monitoring of progress.

Our firm believes strongly in enhancing the presence of brands and highlighting exceptional marketing activities to get the brand message to the right people in the right ways while molding their preferences and increasing sales. 

Our vision:

A pioneering, innovative and developed organization, and a practical reference characterized by the diversity of its businesses, services and products.

Our goal:

Pioneering the field of distribution and marketing of mobile accessories.

Our strategy:

Commitment to the highest levels of service.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness.

Continuous product development.

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